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SDR technologie makes panorama adapters available for Radio Amateurs. They need a Receiver with an IF outlet, a SDReceiver, a soundcard and a PC.

In the mean tere are a couple of special SDRs designed as panorama adapters in the market. They all cover only one IF so they can be used only with radios having the same IF frequency.

Because the PMSDR can set any local oscillaor (LO) frequency between 100kHz and 55MHz it cam be used with any radio which has an IF outlet.

In case of the K3 you get this if you install the KXV3 transverter option, for the K2 you can install an easy to built IF Bandpass directly parallel to the Noiseblanker input. DJ9CS gives a nice instruction at his homepage.

The following pictures show the PMSDR used as Panorama adapter for K2 and K3, computer and soundcard again are my Samsung NC10 netbook.

This picture shows the K2 IF during receive. Antenna is an diamant shaped upright loop fullsize for 40m
Here you see the PMSDR receiving a BC AM station somewhere in the 9MHz band.

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